I would like to say a few words for my sister and myself. To many of you, she was a friend and a teacher. But to us, she was Mom. We loved our mom, but she loved us first. Her life was a sacrifice of love to us. In her love for us, she taught us what God’s love was – an unconditional love that always perseveres.  She also taught us to love those who were hard to love and to always do our best, but ultimately, she was teaching us to love God with all our hearts.


She meditated a lot on Psalm 23 throughout her battle with cancer. Verse 5 especially stuck out: “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”  She believed that God was telling her that He would be with her and help her win the battle. But now she’s gone. Did she lose the battle? No. She knew there was more to life than just living and dying. Her absolute trust in Jesus’ victory over death allowed her to live her last months victoriously. Even after the lymphoma had spread, she expressed her firm belief in God’s goodness with these words: “No matter how the situation changes, we should always praise God and know that His great love to us never changes.”


Let us remember that she loved God above all.