Who Am I?


I am an evangelical Christian in Ottawa, Canada. I became a Christian in January 1961.


I was a statistical advisor working in the federal government of Canada for 32 years, retiring in March 2011.


My home library has 10,000 books, half of them Christian books.


Since 1980, I have been teaching theology and the Bible in different evangelical churches. I preach in Chinese churches. I am an adjunct instructor of Christian Ethics in the Canadian Chinese School of Theology (affiliated with Tyndale Seminary) and the Alliance Bible Seminary Centre, both in Toronto.


My sermons (some with recordings, mostly in Cantonese) are in a separate table.


For 27 years, I was a contributor of analyses on world events in the Herald Monthly, a monthly Chinese Christian newspaper with a circulation of over 400,000 in North America. My articles (in Chinese) are listed in a separate table.


I am a descendant (75th generation) of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and educator (551-479 B.C.).



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