A Message from the thankful Hung family at the end of AD 2007



Dear Friends from all periods of our lives,


May you have a blessed Christmas and a rewarding New Year!


We are fine in Ottawa. As a family: Kwing, Evangeline, Melody, Raymond (Wong) and Stephen went for a graduation trip to China for Stephen this summer. We went from Guilin, Zhangziajie to Huang Mountain; we passed through Chongqing, Yangtze Three Gorges to Shanghai; we also toured around Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi.... It was a wonderful trip. We saw breath-taking scenery; we saw the great improvements in China; we also felt that it is a big country that needs God’s salvation.


STEPHEN is studying at Queen’s University in Kingston as a freshman. He complained that there are still not enough for him to do academically. (We will wait and see how his first term marks to decide whether he is speaking the truth!) He took up Mandarin (and is working hard on it), and is still taking piano (as a course but the professor encourage him to compete with the music majors). But most encouraging is that he can stand up for himself and lives very close to God. He is very proud to be invited to serve in the executive committee of the Queen’s Christian Fellowship. He has the key to the office!! He also changed his waistline from 30 to 33 in 4 months!


MELODY and RAYMOND have great news. They are expecting their first child next April. She managed to increase her waistline from 28 to 40 in 6 months. I guess in this battle with Stephen: she won. They also moved into a beautiful home that is frequently visited by 6 deer at their backyard. May be this is a sign for them to increase their family size to 6!!


EVANGELINE had a very special experience this year. She went for a short-term missions trip with her church. She visited Chinese people from the earthquake areas in Lima, Peru. As requested, she also gave out workshops about “Worship” to the local churches. It was a life changing experience for her because now she sees that there are so many people that need God’s grace in this world. Many of them do not know that God loves them so much and He sent His only son to die on the cross to save them from sin. During Fall this year, Evangeline also gave a “Parenting” course with her good friend Elizabeth and received very enthusiastic responses. Under the great influence of Kwing: she will teach her first adult Sunday School class on the same topic starting January 2008.


KWING worked more as a serving Christian than a full time government worker. He preached more times than last year at local churches in Ottawa. He taught Sunday School classes using three different languages: Cantonese, English and Mandarin. This year: Kwing also took up more responsibilities for the Herald Monthly in Canada as the chairman of the Board of Directors.


In this joyful Christmas season, let us remind each other that compare to eternity: this life on earth is very short and will quickly pass away. Let us use whatever strength we have to accumulate our treasures in Heaven. May God’s name be the only name that we glorify.