[C]    MAN: supplementary materials

C1.    Sin: various views (Question 34)

a. Alternate Views: b. Wrong Views: C2.    Dispensationalism (Question 37) a. The history of mankind is divided into 7 dispensations: (1) Innocence: time before Adam’s Fall (Gen 1:28-3:6)

(2) Conscience: up to the end of the Flood (Gen 4:1-8:14)

(3) Government: Noahic covenant to the Tower of Babel (Gen 8:15-11:9)

(4) Promise: to before Mount of Sinai (Gen 11:10 to Ex 18:27)

(5) Mosaic Law: up to the descent of the Holy Spirit (Ex 19:1 to Ac 1:26)

(6) Grace: to before the millenium (Ac 2:1 to Rev 19:21)

(7) Millenium: second coming of Christ and millenium (Rev 20:4-6)

b. Dispensationalists hold that God’s revelation to man differs in different dispensations and that God treats people from different dispensations differently. Most significantly, they believe that the church is entirely distinct from Israel as an entity. Some believe that the Old Testament is written for Israel, not for the church. (Some even include the gospel of Matthew which was written for the Jews.) This position is too extreme.