[B]    GOD: supplementary materials

B1.    Common errant views of God (Question 18)

B2.    Names of God: complete list (Question 21)

b. Other Old Testament names: c. New Testament names:

B3.    God’s nature and attributes: further clarifications (Question 22)

a. Omniscience: b. Omnipotence: c. Divine Will and Freedom: d. Holiness (separation):

B4.    Ecumenical councils to deal with heresies (Question 26)

b. Other Church Councils and Synods

B5.    Defence against Arianism (Question 26)

b. Biblical verses cited by Arianism and arguments against their interpretation:

(1) The Son was created:

(2) Father is the only true God: (3) Christ is inferior to the Father: (4) The Son has imperfections as weakness, ignorance, and suffering:

B6.    Genealogy gaps (Question 28)

B7.    Views on creation (Question 28) b. Hebrew yom (day): broad range of meaning, translated differently as day, today, daily, for ever: B8.    Angels: detailed version (Question 29) b. Nature of angels: c. Work of angels: d. Types of angels: B9.    Satan and demons: detailed version (Question 30) b. Origin of demons: c. Work of demons: