[15]    Holy Spirit: Spiritual Gifts

51.    What are spiritual gifts? How many spiritual gifts are described in the Bible?

a. Definition: A spiritual gift is a manifestation, a disclosure of the Holy Spirit’s activity in His church.

b. Objective of spiritual gifts: "for the common good" or "to build the body of Christ" (1Co 12:7; 14:26; Eph 4:12). The objective of spiritual gifts is for the benefit of the church, not primarily for the benefit of the individual believer. There may be diverse gifts but a unity in purpose.

c. Major lists of spiritual gifts in the Bible: 1Co 12:8-10,28-30; Ro 12:6-8; Eph 4:11

d. Classification of spiritual gifts (Ac 6:2,4; 1Pe 4:11):

(1) Ministry in word (Ac 6:2,4): (a) Preaching the gospel
(b) Speaking from divine inspiration (c) Teaching (2) Ministry in deed (1Pe 4:11): (a) Practical help (b) Administration and leadership (c) With supernatural power e. Exhaustiveness or comprehensiveness of the lists: f. Distribution of spiritual gifts: g. Termination of spiritual gifts: (1) Apostle: What is an apostle? Are there apostles today? (2) Tongues:

52.    What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31-32)? Why is it unpardonable?

a. Believers can offend against the Holy Spirit through actively grieving the Holy Spirit (Eph 4:30-31) or passively quenching the Holy Spirit (1Th 5:19).

b. Unbelievers can offend against the Holy Spirit through actively insulting the Holy Spirit (Heb 10:29) or passively resisting the Holy Spirit (Ac 7:51).

c. There is one unpardonable sin: blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31-32; Mk 3:29; Lk 12:10).