[14]    Holy Spirit: Work

48.    How does the Bible describe the Holy Spirit?

a. The Bible describes that the Holy Spirit is God (see the previous notes on Trinity).

b. The Bible also used names and symbols to describe Him. They are expressive of the being and actions of the Holy Spirit.

49.    What is the work of the Holy Spirit?

a. In relation to the world: b. In relation to people in the OT: c. In relation to Jesus Christ: d. In relation to the believer: (1) Salvation: (2) Daily life: (3) Word of God and service to God:

50.    What is the difference between baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit?

a. Baptism of the Holy Spirit: the work of grace whereby the believers are marked out as members of the true Church through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit b. Filling of the Holy Spirit: a continuous process by which a believer is progressively controlled and empowered by the Holy Spirit c. Misunderstandings: