[8]    God: Creation, Angels and Demons

28.    When was the universe created? Are the days in Gen 1 twenty-four hours?

a. Archbishop Ussher in 1654 was dated creation in 4004 BC. However, there are genealogical gaps (e.g. Gen 11:12 missing Cainan as recorded in Lk 3:36) because in Hebrew, "begat" or "son" may mean "in the line of descent", sometimes the omission is deliberate (Mt 1:11). As a result, others dated creation at about 8000 to 10,000 years ago.   b. Age of the Earth: Based on radiometric method of dating, in particular using uranium, the age of the Earth is estimated to be 2 to 6 billion years. However, if other methods of dating are used, such as salinity of oceans, radioactive carbon 14, cosmic dust, sedimentary rocks, the results are very different, from a minimum of 10,000 years to a maximum of 100 million years.   c. In the Bible, the word "day" (Heb. yom) has a broad range of meaning (day in Gen 1:5; year in Gen 41:1; period of time in Ps 50:15; Zec 4:10) although the common usage is for an ordinary day.   d. Three theories of creation:
Creation with age
Gap theory
Day-age theory
literal days, creation 6,000 to 10,000 years ago; Great Flood as a major factor (flood geology) literal days, original world corrupted by sin from Satan; a large gap between Gen 1:1 and 1:2; Gen 1:2-2:4 describes re-creation days equivalent to epochs of very long periods, creation billion years ago; Gen 1:1 creation of universe included sun and moon; 1:2 from perspective of the earth
  • Adam was created already as a young man
  • evidence for the coexistence of man & dinosaurs
  • lack of accuracy of dating
  • evidences of catastrophism (not uniformitarianism) in the past, geologic changes could happen in a short time
  • Sabbath day (Ex 20:9-11) imitates 7th day in creation.
  • repeated mention of evening and morning
  • Gen 1:2, 2:7 the word "was" should be translated as "became"
  • Is 45:18 "empty" same word as "empty" in Gen 1:2 (Heb. tohu, bohu); Is 34:11, Jer 4:23 words "chaos", "desolation", "formless", "empty" all relate to judgment; possibly the result of corruption of the original world
  • 1:21, 1:27 word "created" only for animals & man, others words mean "made" (indicating renewal)
  • 1:28 "replenish"= fill over again
  • prima facie (Latin, at first sight) view: 1:1-2:4 only describe chronological order
  • Ps 90:4, 2Pe 3:8 -- 1000 years=1 day, Godís time scale
  • "yom" can mean a period of time
  • "evening" (not night) and morning can mean: This epoch had its gradual beginning and gradually merged into the epoch which followed
  • Buswell: presently still in the 7th day (Ps 95:11, my rest; Heb 4:9, Godís Sabbath is still coming)
  • can accommodate theistic evolution
  • cannot explain fossils (due to flood?)
  • no evidence of worldwide flood
  • deny all dating methods
  • no 24-hour days before the sun was created
  • Were there humans in the first creation (none of pre-Adam fossils are human)? If not, why was man not part of the first universe?
  • too much emphasis was put on the word "made"
  • Is long time needed? Was man created separately?
  • What about Adam, did he live a long time in the 6th day?

29.    Who are the angels?

a. Origin of angels: (the word "angel" means "messenger") b. Nature of angels: c. Work of holy angels: 30.    Who is Satan? Who are the demons? a. Satanís fall: b. Origin of demons: c. Work of demons: