[5]    God: Existence, Names and Miracles

18.    Does the Bible attempt to prove the existence of God?

a. Who is God? b. The Bible does not attempt to prove the existence of God. It simply states the existence of God (Gen 1:1). His existence is a presupposition. We have to accept the existence of God by faith.

19.    Can we objectively prove the existence of God?

a. Cosmological argument (related to the "universe"): b. Teleological argument (related to the "purpose" of things): c. Moral argument: d. Ontological argument (that branch of philosophy about reality): e. Idea of God argument: f. Argument from miracles: 20.    What is the Biblical perspective on miracles? a. Latin miraculum means a marvelous event or an event which causes wonder. Biblical words describing miracles include meanings such as "wonder", "display of power", "sign".

b. Characteristics:

21.    How does the Bible address God?

e. New Testament names: