Liberal theology trusting the moral capability of man
Social gospel crusading for a Kingdom of social justice
Pietism seeking deeper spiritual experience
Neo-orthodox theology dialectical theology
Secular theology refitting Christianity for the secular world
Existential theology Christianity in terms of man's subjective existence
Process theology the evolving God
Death-of-God theology absence of God from all aspects of mankind
Ecumenism towards a unity of religion
Black theology suffering and freedom
Liberation theology Christians of the revolution
Theology of hope hope of the future in God's promise
Feminist theology fighting the inequality of the sexes
Contextualization put Christianity into the context of the indigenous culture
Evangelicalism spreading the good news of the changeless Bible
Fundamentalism no compromise on Biblical truth
Conservative theology preserve traditional doctrines
Dispensationalism God's different treatment to different times
Altizer, Thomas (1927- ), American Death-of-God theology God died on the cross
Barth, Karl (1886-1968), Swiss Neo-orthodox theology Jesus as the revealed word of God
Berkouwer, Gerrit (1903- ), Dutch Evangelicalism the humanity of the Bible
Bloch, Ernst (1885-?), German Theology of hope
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (1906-1945), German Secular theology the cost of discipleship
Bruce, Frederick, English Evangelicalism evangelical exegesis
Brunner, Emil (1889-1966), Swiss Neo-orthodox theology I-Thou relationship between man and God
Bultmann, Rudolf (1884-1976), German Existential theology demythologization, gospel without myth
Carnell, Edward (1920-1967), American Conservative theology spokesman of conservative theology
Chang Lit-Sang, Chinese Contextualization Christianity supercedes Chinese culture
Chang Lit-Sang, Chinese Evangelicalism repelling humanism
Chow Yi-Fu, Chinese Contextualization Christianity explained in concepts of Chinese philosophy
Cox, Harvey (1929- ), American Secular theology secularization not secularism
Cullmann, Oscar (1902- ), Swiss Historical theology the importance of salvation history
Finney, Charles (1792-1875), American Evangelicalism promoting revival
Fosdick, Harry (1878-1960), American Liberal theology religion to serve the society
Gutierrez, Gustavo (1928- ), Peruvian Liberation theology salvation is liberation
Hamilton, William (1924- ), American Death-of-God theology losing hope with God
Hartshorne, Charles (1897-?), American Process theology
Henry, Carl (1913-  ), American Evangelicalism revelation as truth
Hodge, Charles (1797-1878), American Evangelicalism great systematic theologian since the Reformation
Hsu Hsiung-Sze, Chinese Contextualization comparison of Christianity and Chinese culture
International Council of Christian Churches Ecumenism doctrinal purity above unity
Kierkegaard, Soren (1813-1855), Dane Existential theology the infinite gulf between God and man
King, Martin Luther (1929-1968), American Black theology dream of justice
Koyama, Kosuke (1929- ), Japanese Contextualization God in a tranquil culture of southeast Asia
Kung, Hans (1928- ), Swiss Ecumenism Catholic rebel
Lindsell, Harold, American Conservative theology battle of the Bible
Lusanne Congress (1974) Ecumenism gospel as well as social responsibility
Machen, Gresham (1881-1937), American Fundamentalism battling with liberal theology in America
Mbiti, John (1931- ), Kenyan Contextualization no imported Christianity
Moltmann, Jurgen (1926- ), German Theology of hope the crucified God
Niebuhr, Reinhold (1892-1971), American Neo-orthodox theology Christianity's social relevance
Pannenberg, Wolfhart (1928- ), German Historical theology faith rooted in history
Rahner, Karl (1904- ), German Secular theology anonymous Christianity
Ramm, Bernard (1916-  ), American Evangelicalism action from evangelical heritage
Rauschenbusch, Walter (1861-1918), American Liberal theology sin is selfishness
Ritschl, Albrecht (1822-1899), German Liberal theology Jesus the perfect man
Ruether, Rosemary, American Feminist theology promoting full humanity of women
Schaeffer, Francis (1912-1984), American Evangelicalism philosophical apologete
Schleiermacher, Friedrich (1768-1834), German Liberal theology romantic religion
Scofield, Cyrus (1843-1921), American Dispensationalism the influential commentary
Spencer, Philip (1635-1705) pietism protesting formalism of religion
Stott, John, English (1921- ), English Evangelicalism defender of evangelical faith and a total gospel
Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre (1881-1955), French Process theology evolutionary theology
Teng, Philip, Chinese Evangelicalism Christianity without excesses
Thielicke, Helmut (1908- ), German Evangelicalism preaching to modern people
Tillich, Paul (1886-1965), German Existential theology God as ground of being
Tse Fu-Ya, Chinese Contextualization concept of God in Chinese culture
Van Buren, Paul (1924- ), American Death-of-God theology a religion suitable for modern man
Vatican I (1869-1870) Ecumenism papal infallibility
Vatican II (1962-1965) Ecumenism retreat from excesses
von Harnack, Adolf (1851-1931), German Liberal theology quest of historical Christianity
Warfield, Benjamin (1851-1915), American Evangelicalism the infallible Bible
Whitehead, Alfred (1861-1947), English Process theology
World Council of Churches Ecumenism unity above doctrine
World Evangelical Fellowship Ecumenism unity in spreading the gospel