Church History: Books Download

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Quick References

Blunt, John Henry (1877): A key to the knowledge of Church History (ancient).

Eubanks (2000?): Church History: A Biblical View.

Hutton, William Holden (1906): The Church and the Barbarians: being an outline of the history of the Church from A.D. 461 to A.D. 1003.

Robertson, J.C. (1904): Sketches of Church history, from AD 33 to the Reformation.



Christian History Institute: Century-by-century through Church history.


Classic Textbook (most details, but only up to Reformation)

Schaff, Philip (1892): History of the Christian Church.


            Volume 1 [3 Mb]

            Volume 2 [3 Mb]

            Volume 3 [3 Mb]

            Volume 4 [3 Mb]

            Volume 5 [3 Mb]

            Volume 6 [3 Mb]

            Volume 7 & 8 [5 Mb]


Casual Readings

Bertrand, Louis (1920?): Saint Augustine.

Christianity Today (2005): 131 Christians everyone should know. [2 Mb]

Fox, John (1554): Book of martyrs. [2 Mb]

Koestlin, Julius (1881): Life of Luther.

Venables, Edmund (1890?): The life of John Bunyan.


Special Topics

Bacon, Leonard Woolsey (1897): A history of American Christianity.

Killen, William Dool (1859): The ancient Church: its history, doctrine, worship, and constitution, traced for the first three hundred years. [2 Mb]

LaPorte, Jean (1982): The role of women in early Christianity.

MacCaffrey, James (1914): History of the Catholic Church from the Renaissance to the French Revolution. [2 Mb]

Smith, Preserved (1920): The age of the Reformation. [3 Mb]