Test for Lessons 19-24

_____     31     According to the Biblical view, sexuality is NOT:

(A) Godˇ¦s design, (B) a sin, (C) within marriage only, (D) to strengthen marriage

_____     32.    The best argument that homosexual people can use to argue for acceptance is:

(A) the Bible is not against homosexuality, (B) homosexuality is inborn,

(C) God loves homosexual people, (D) love is higher than obedience to God

_____     33.    A just war is NOT characterized by:

(A) with just cause, (B) likely to succeed, (C) to punish bad nations, (D) as a last resort

_____     34.    Which of the following passage support the pacifistsˇ¦ position?

(A) Mt 21:12-13, (B) Heb 11:32-34; (C) Mt 26:52; (D) Ro 13:4

_____     35.    How do environmentalists view the relationship between mankind and environment?

(A) stewardship view, (B) dominion view, (C) citizenship view, (D) none of the above

_____     36.    Which of the following should Christians NOT support?

(A) recycling, (B) restrict pollution, (C) Gaia hypothesis, (D) conserve energy

_____     37.    The MAIN reason why global warming hypothesis is widely accepted as a fact is:

(A) present temperature is highest in all history, (B) sea level is rising rapidly,

(C) United Nations supports the hypothesis, (D) occurrence of natural disasters

_____     38.    Which group is pro-life (against abortion)?

(A) animal rightists, (B) Sierra Club, (C) Friends of the Earth, (D) none of above

_____     39.    According to the Bible, which viewpoint of wealth is wrong?

(A) we need to be content with our wealth, (B) money can be potentially demonic,

(C) money is a sign of Godˇ¦s blessing, (D) our wealth is owned by God

_____     40.    Which one of the following is total unacceptable for Christians to do?

(A) participate in a free raffle, (B) social dancing, (C) smoking, (D) drink wine