Test for Lessons 13-18

_____     21     Which one is NOT a characteristic of work?

(A) service to God, (B) a curse of sin, (C) service to mankind, (D) self-fulfilment

_____     22.    Human rights are based on our relationship:

(A) to the created world, (B) to self, (C) to other human beings, (D) to God

_____     23.    Which ONE of the following describes the traditional feminists?

(A) see family as a prison, (B) see motherhood as bad,

(C) support abortion, (D) do not conflict with Christianity

_____     24.    Which Bible passage supports public prophesy by women in the church?

(A) 1Co 11:2-16, (B) 1Co 14:34-35, (C) 1Ti 2:11-12, (D) 2Ti 3:6-7

_____     25.    Which one name in the Bible possibly refers to a female apostle?

(A) Priscilla, (B) Junias, (C) Phoebe, (D) Dorcas

_____     26.    Which one is NOT taught in the Bible about marriage?

(A) it is a life-long commitment, (B) it is necessary for living a full life,

(C) it must be monogamous, (D) it has priority over all other human relationship

_____     27.    If there is adultery outside the marriage, the best solution is:

(A) no action, (B) reconciliation, (C) separation, (D) divorce

_____     28.    A childˇ¦s education is under the authority of:

(A) the church, (B) the parents, (C) the school, (D) the government

_____     29.    A childˇ¦s ability to manage emotions is influenced most greatly by:

(A) the teacher, (B) the father, (C) the peers, (D) the church

_____     30.    Which of the following is NOT taught in the Bible about children?

(A) children can be disciplined physically, (B) children have rights,

(C) children are blessings from God, (D) children should obey their parents