Test for Lessons 1-6

_____     1.      Which one of the following is NOT the ethic of todayˇ¦s society?

(A) culture of death, (B) anti-normianism, (C) ethical relativism, (D) secular humanism

_____     2.      The ethic that has one absolute norm of love is:

(A) utilitarianism, (B) situationism, (C) ethical absolutism, (D) anti-normianism

_____     3.      The verse that says ceremonial law was superseded by the death of Christ is:

(A) Ro 10:4, (B) 1Co 11:5 (C) Gal 3:21, (D) Heb 10:18

_____     4.      Smoking is a/an:

(A) immoral act, (B) improper act, (C) inappropriate act, (D) morally neutral act

_____     5.      The verse that prohibits shedding of innocent blood is:

(A) Ps 139:16, (B) Gal 1:15, (C) Ex 21:25, (D) Pr 6:16

_____     6.      Which should the highest norm be when considering abortion?

(A) right to freedom, (B) right to equality, (C) sanctity of life, (D) quality of life

_____     7.      Which one of the following is an acceptable contraception?

(A) IUD, (B) RU-486, (C) Norplant, (D) diaphragm

_____     8.      Which is least problematic kind of reproductive technology?

(A) AIH, (B) AID, (C) IVF, (D) surrogate mother

_____     9.      Another term for direct euthanasia is:

(A) voluntary, (B) involuntary, (C) active, (D) passive ˇKeuthanasia

_____     10.    Which country is best used to illustrate the ˇ§slippery slopeˇ¨ in euthanasia?

(A) Nazi Germany, (B) United States, (C) Holland, (D) Belgium