[20]   Sex (2): Homosexuality


o        In 1996, the Liberal government in Canada passed Bill C-33 making discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal. On September 17, 2003, the Liberal government passed Bill C-250 which prohibited hate speech based on sexual orientation (can be used to classify the Bible as hate speech). They introduced legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

o        In November 2003, a Massachusetts court ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional.

91.  What is the Christian viewpoint on homosexuality?

a.   Homosexuality is consistently regarded as a serious sin in the Bible.

·         The Old Testament specifies that homosexuality is to be punished by death penalty (Lev 18:22; 20:13). Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God partly because of their homosexual activities.

·         The New Testament clearly specifies that homosexual act is a sin because it is against God’s created order (Ro 1:26-27; 1Co 6:9). Unrepentant homosexual offenders cannot enter the kingdom of God.

b.   Homosexuality is also a very unhealthy lifestyle:

·         The life expectancy of homosexuals has been found to be about 40 years (30+ less than normal).

·         Homosexuals are at a much higher risk of contracting HIV (AIDS); hepatitis A, B and C; syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

c.   Christian must insist that homosexual behaviour is immoral, not an “alternative lifestyle”.

92.  What are homosexual’s arguments on the legitimacy of homosexuality?

a.   Contemporary culture: Homosexuals argue that Biblical teachings on homosexuality are culturally relative. They do not apply to today’s society.

·         Response:  Homosexuality and sodomy are described as “detestable”. As God is unchanging (Mal 3:6; Jas 1:17), what is “detestable” to God 3,000 years ago is still detestable to God today.

b.   Inborn nature: Homosexuals claim that homosexual tendency is hereditary or inborn. It is therefore not against nature. Also, most homosexuals do not choose homosexuality by choice.

·         Response:  Homosexuality is a sign not of God’s created order but of disorder from the Fall. Homosexual tendency cannot be proved to relate to inborn genetic factors as there is no evidence to show that homosexuals are chromosomally different from heterosexuals.

·         Psychologists believe that homosexuality is likely a socially learned response, possibly the result of a domineering mother and/or an uncaring father. Some are led into homosexuality, as demonstrated by significantly higher incidence (up to 10 times) of homosexuality in urban than in rural areas.

·         It is true that many homosexuals do not choose homosexuality by choice. While they are not responsible for the homosexual tendency which is not a sin by itself, they are responsible for the homosexual act which is a sin.

c.   Importance of love: Many homosexuals have truly loving relationships. Such commitment of love should be affirmed as good and not rejected as evil.

·         Response:  The emphasis of love above all else is situation ethics. For Christians, Biblical norms are absolute and cannot be broken in the name of love alone. If love is the highest priority, would an adulterous but loving relationship outside marriage be acceptable to God? No.

d.   Gospel of acceptance: If God accepts a homosexual and calls him/her to salvation, how can Christians reject him/her? Ro 14:1 teaches us not to judge the weak.

·         Response:  God loves the sinner but not the sin; persistent sinning is not acceptable (1Jn 3:6). Genuine faith and true salvation includes accepting God lordship too.

·         AIDS:  It may be God’s judgment on homosexuality or sexual promiscuity but it should not be described as a blanket condemnation by God on all persons with AIDS as some are innocent victims. However, AIDS is mostly a result of homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and drug addiction. Without involving in these activities, the chance of getting AIDS is practically zero.

93.  What should Christian oppose laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation?

a.   “Sexual orientation” is never defined. Such laws could be used to justify all kinds of sexual immorality such as polygamy, pedophilia, and other sexual perversions.

b.   Such laws will encourage more people to involve or at least try homosexual activities.

c.   Such laws encourage the public to accept homosexuality and lead to same-sex marriage.

·         Once the Liberal government indirectly encourages homosexuality, more people view it as acceptable. The support for same-sex marriage has increased from 37% in 1993 to 54% in 2003.

d.   Such laws become tools for the government to persecute Christians.

e.   Such laws actually give extra rights giving to homosexual persons.

·         Assaulting a homosexual is now regarded as more serious than assaulting a child.

·         A homosexual who loses in a job application can always sue for discrimination, while others cannot.

94.  Why should Christians oppose same-sex marriage?

a.   Same-sex marriage will weaken the family and will cause many social problems.

·         Children in intact families with married parents have the highest academic achievement and have the lowest incidence of mental and psychological problems, and antisocial behaviour and crime.

b.   Same-sex marriage will deprive the children in those households from a father or a mother.

·         Both the father and the mother have very different roles in the bringing up of a child.

c.   It would encourage children to experiment with homosexuality.

d.   It would encourage more people to remain trapped in homosexuality rather than seek counseling to rechannel their sexual desires.

e.   It would pit the law against the beliefs of millions of people who believe homosexuality is wrong, thus creating grounds for more attacks on the freedoms of speech and religion.

95.  How would special rights for same-sex people threaten Christians’ freedom of religion?

·         Progressive demands by homosexuals (a “slippery slope”):

o        accepted in laws as an alternate lifestyle (Bill C-41 in 1995)

o        gain equivalent to spousal benefits (68 federal statutes amended in 2000)

o        legalize homosexual marriage (proposed by the Liberal government)

o        prohibit public speech against homosexuality as hate speech (Bill C-250 in 2003)

o        force solemnization of homosexual marriage in all churches [likely in the future]

o        gain full acceptance by prohibition of anything that describe homosexuality as immoral; the Bible containing verses against homosexuality to be prohibited from public distribution

c.   The government promises to include a religious exception. But eventually it will be overruled by the liberal judges in courts as once a right is established, there can be no exception.

·         For example, slavery is prohibited because everyone has the right to freedom. Can a church claim religious exception and keep slaves in a church?

96.  How should Christians treat homosexuals?

a.   A homosexual person is under social pressure (being discriminated against) and psychological pressure (feeling guilty). Christians should treat them with compassion.

b.   Inside the church, those who have homosexual tendency need our understanding and love as well as prayer and encouragement to change this tendency.

c.   Those who committed homosexual acts need to repent. Unrepentant practising homosexuals can be treated like non-believers; they are welcomed to attend church but not as members.

d.   Outside church, homosexuals may be treated like any other sinners. They should be told that homosexuality is sin in the eyes of God but they should not be harassed or persecuted.