25.  Conclusion II: Greetings, and Summary (1Co 16:19-24)
Summary of the Letter
Chapter What some Corinthians think What Paul teaches
1-2 Wisdom is worldly knowledge and rhetorical way of speaking. Wisdom is God's truth and salvation, regarded by man as folly.
3-4 Leaders are the people to follow. Leaders are servants.
5-6 Sexual immorality is not serious as it involves the body which is not important. Sexual immorality is very serious as the body is the temple of the Spirit.
Litigation can be done outside the church. All disputes must be settled in the church.
7 Sexual relations within marriage is not necessary. Sexual relations within marriage should be maintained.
Celibacy is good. Celibacy & marriage are both valid alternatives.
8-10 Christians have liberty to do whatever they like, even attending pagan feasts. Christian liberty is bounded on the basis of love; attending pagan feasts is not allowed.
11 There are no rules with respect to behaviour in corporate worship in terms of veiling and the Lord's Supper. Corporate worship must be orderly. Neglect of veiling and abuse of the poor in the Lord's Supper cause disorder and are unacceptable.
12-14 Tongues are the greatest spiritual gift. Prophecy is a greater gift than tongues; love is the only context for all spiritual gifts.
There is no restriction in using tongues. Spiritual gifts must be used in order in worship.
15 Bodily resurrection is not an important belief as Christians already live in the spiritual realm. Bodily resurrection is an indispensable doctrine and is our blessed hope in the future.
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