{11}     救恩:生命的改變

42.            如何確定救恩是真實的?

A. 救恩只有在以信心接受後才可知道,我們的信心需先倚靠聖經和基督徒的見證。

B. 根據聖經,救恩是確實可信的:



31:13-14 神將聖靈放在信徒心裏,作為印記和憑據,保證我們可承受永生及將來在神永恆國度裏得榮耀。

43.            Is rebirth real or imaginary?重生是真實的還是想像的?

a. Jesus affirmed the fact of rebirth (Jn 3:3,5).A. 耶穌確定重生的事實(約3:3,5)。

b. Rebirth is real and objective: (1) Some argue that rebirth is a temporary emotional phenomenon .B. 重生是真實和客觀的1有人認為重生是暫感情化現象,但有數不盡的信徒在不同的情形下接受基督,而且有恆久的信仰。2有人說重生是由青春期的不安全感而來,但基督徒當中有很多不同人生經歷的人,包括許多著名的思想家。But there are innumerable believers who accept Christ in different situations and possess enduring faith all their life. (2) Some argue that rebirth is resulted from the adolescent feeling of insecurity .3有人認為重生是想像出來的。But it is impossible to have an imaginary experience in different parts of the world all through history and with high degree of similarity.但想像出來的經驗,不可能在世界各地和整個歷史中發生,而那經驗是有如此高的相似性

c. The best proof is the experience of the changed life of a born-again Christian, often very different from the old life.C. 一個重生的基督徒的最好證明就是生命的改變,往往跟從前的生活是截然不同,這些Changes include renewed strength, courage, love, higher morality, and inexplicable joy and peace.變化包括新的力量It can be felt by the reborn person and by others (2Co 5:17).﹑勇氣﹑愛﹑高的道德觀和不能解釋的喜樂,別人看得出,自己也感覺到(林後5:17)。

44.            How can a Christian be sure about his own rebirth?信徒如何確定自己已經重生?

a. Based objectively on God's promise (1Jn 1:9): (1) Rebirth is preceded by repentance and faith. (2) Assurance of salvation: No man can snatch salvation from a believer (Jude 1:24; 1Co 1:8-9; Jn 10:28-29; 17:11-12).A. 客觀證據一神的應許(約壹1:9:(1先有悔改和相信,然後才有重生。2救恩的確據:沒有人可將救恩從信徒身上奪去(猶1:24; 林前1:8-9; 10:28-29;17:11-12)。

b. Based subjectively on the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who helps the believer in: (1) having a new attitude toward the Lord (1Co 12:3); (2) being more conscious and sensitive of sin (Jn 16:8); (3) understanding truth (Jn 16:13); (4) being comforted (Ro 8:26); (5) receiving power and gifts to witness and to serve (1Co 12:11); (6) possessing fruit (singular) of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).B. 主觀證據一聖靈內住幫助信徒:(1對主有新的態度(林前12:3,(2對罪的認識更清楚,更有敏銳感(約16:8),3明白真理(約16:13,(4得到安慰(羅8:26,(5接受能力與恩賜去見證及事奉神(林前12:11,(6結出聖靈的果子(加5:22-23)。

45.            How can we be sure that there is life after death?怎樣確死後有生命?

a. Arguments from Authority : (1) Consensus: Nearly all cultures and the majority of all individuals believe in life after death. (2) Jesus: Jesus affirms the fact of resurrection (Jn 11:23-25; 5:25-29). There is also strong evidence presented in the Bible that Jesus rose from death.A. 權威的論據:(1共識:幾乎世上所有的文化,和大部份人都相信死後有生命。(2耶穌:耶穌肯定復活的事實(約11:23-25;5:25-29)。聖經也有強烈的證據來證明耶穌從死裏復活。

b. Arguments from Reason :B. 理性的論據:

(1) Existence of the soul : If the soul dies, it must die either by decomposition or by annihilation.1)靈魂的存在:若靈魂死亡,它一定是藉分解或寂滅而死。可是But the soul is not composed of parts so it cannot decompose.靈魂並非由物質組成,因此無法分解。Also, death is not a process of annihilation and there is no external process to annihilate.同樣,死亡並不是寂滅的過程,也沒有外在的過程可寂滅。

(2) God's justice : God is just and that attribute is reflected in all his dealings with man.2)神的公義:神是公義的,該屬性反映在所有神與人的交往上。可是今生是充滿了不公義的But there is great injustice in this life.,為要合To be consistent with God's justice, there must be justice after death to redress and compensate for injustice before death.符合神的公義,死後必須有公義,以彌補生前的不公義。

(3) The meaning of life : If life ends in final annihilation, then life does not have an end worth living for.3)生命的意義:若生命是以寂滅而終,那就不值得為生命而活。生命的結局必定有值得我們為生命而活的,故此生命不會是以寂滅而終Life must have an end worth living for. Therefore life does not end in final annihilation.[This is precisely why suicide is an atheist's logical choice.][這也正是為什麼自殺是無神論者的邏輯選擇。]

c. Arguments from Experience : C. 經驗的論據

1(1) Experience of dying: Many dying Christians said that they saw the heaven opened and Jesus welcomed them home (Ac 7:55-56).死亡的經驗:許多臨死的基督徒都說,他們看見天開了,並且耶穌歡迎他們回家(徒7:55-56)。

(2) Postmortem presence: Many describe experience of the presence of a person already dead.2死後出現:很多人講述可以感受到已死之人的同在。

(3) Near-Death experience (NDEs): Many who were medically dead for a short while but were revived later reported out-of-the-body experience with uncanny precision.3瀕死體驗:許多在醫學上證明已死了一段很短時間的人,在甦醒後能非常準確地描述靈魂離體的經驗。

46.            Can Christianity really provide meaning to life?基督教如何解決焦慮的問題?

a. Anxiety is the deep-seated inexplicable fear or worry.A. 焦慮是深藏而不能形容的恐懼或憂慮 (In comparison, fear is resulted from tangible things, such as fear of taking an examination or fear of crime.) Everyone is burdened with anxiety.(相比之下,怕是有形的東西造成的,如害怕參加考試或對犯罪受害的恐懼)每個人都背負著焦慮。

B.b. Existentialist philosophers talk about 4 types of human anxiety: (1) guilt of sin, (2) alienation from your own true self and from others, (3) meaninglessness of life, (4) inevitability of death. 存在主義哲學家認為人的焦慮有四個原因:1,(2跟自我和跟別人隔絕

C.c. Christianity provides answer for the above 4 anxiety problems: 基督教對這些焦慮的問題都能提供解答:

(1) Sin is forgiven and man is justified (Ro 5:1).1信耶穌帶來罪的赦免和人的稱義(羅5:1Guilt should not control us anymore.咎感不應再控制我們 (1Co 15:56-57)(林前15:56-57)。

(2) Man is born again (2Co 5:17) and should be true to oneself.2人經歷重生(林後5:17)可面對真我True fellowship and harmony with God and among men are established (1Co 1:9), especially in the church today.,與神和人建立團契及和諧的關係(林前1:9),特別是在今天的教會中。

(3) Life is meaningful (Jn 10:10).3生命有意義(約10:10人生有一個目的We now have a destination (heaven) and are now living our life to serve God.(天堂),生活是為著事奉神,We have true joy (Ro 5:2) and peace.有真正的喜樂(羅5:2)與平安,最終We will receive the divine inheritance in the end.將承受神聖的產業。

(4) We are not afraid of death because we have eternal life.4我們不怕死亡,因有永遠的生命,It is a blessed hope. Life in heaven is a better life than life on earth.這是個有福的盼望。天堂的生活比世上的生活更好。再者Moreover, we will be resurrected in the end (1Th 4:16-17).,我們最終會復活(帖前4:16-17)。

47.            Why should I believe if there are hypocrites in the church?如果在教會有偽君子,我為什麼要信

a. A hypocrite is an actor, one who puts on a false face.A. 偽君子是一個演員,他裝出假面孔,說話和行動不相符。教會內有這種人是因為He says one thing but does another. A church contains some people like this because: (1) Not all people in the church are real Christians. (2) Some Christians may have wrong understanding of what they believe.
1並非所有教會內的人都真正的基督徒。(2有些基督徒可能對信仰有錯誤的理解,Jesus condemned hypocrisy (Mt 23:15). (3) Some Christians omit to follow Christ -- carnal Christians. (4) Believers are striving to be holy and perfect but are not perfect yet and have weaknesses. (5) All believers are fallible human beings who are prone to sin (Gal 2:11-14).耶穌譴責偽善(太23:15)。(3有些基督徒並無跟隨基督,是「屬肉體的基督徒」。4信徒不斷追求聖潔和完全,但還未達到完全,仍有缺點。(5所有信徒都是墮落的人,且有犯罪的傾向(加2:11-14)。

B. b. Just because the church contains hypocrites does not mean that all Christians are hypocrites. There are many people who are living consistently with the teaching of Jesus Christ.教會有偽君子並不等於所有基督徒都是偽君子,也有很多人是不斷跟隨耶穌的教訓而生活的。

C. c. Christianity stands or falls on the person of Jesus, not on actions of Christians.基督教建基於耶穌的身上,而不是建基於基督徒的行為上。Jesus was never a hypocrite.耶穌絕對不是一個偽君子。

D.d. The church is like a hospital, full of sick people who wish to be healed. 教會就像一間醫院,滿了想得醫治的病人,進來就醫的病人不應該因為The presence of sick people in a hospital should not stop a sick person from entering it.院內有病人而拒絕進醫院。