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Lo, Oscar

Introduction to The History Of Christianity (Various Authors)

This book captures the 2000-year history of Christianity using words, pictures and charts. It was written by more than 60 specialists from 10 countries. It covers many different areas such as the early history, the evolution of church practices, the acceptance and rejection by societies, the different reforms and revolutions as well as the recent histories. One of the best features is the short feature articles on people, movements and subjects of special interest, written by specialists in those particular areas who often have present the materials using very special perspectives. The photographs, diagrams and maps also give fascinating account of Christian history.

Tong, Ivy

福音特工 (1977)




Tong, Johnny

馬有藻(2003): 新約概論

耶穌基督在世時,並沒有什麼著作﹐新約埾經乃是主的門徒於主后一世紀前寫成的. 新約概論對新約的時代, 各書寫作的背景及特性與內容, 皆有詳盡的介紹和分析, 是研究新約的一本好工具書.



Wong, Gloria

Henry Cloud, John Townsend: God Will Make a Way: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

God will make a way for us when we come to the end of ourselves & our abilities, our wisdom etc. However, His way for us does not usually involves supernatural miracles. In order for Him to make a way for us, we have to do the best in what we are responsible for.

There are eight principles to follow when we try to do the best on our part: (1) Begin your journey with God; (2) Choose your travelling companions wisely; (3) Place high value on wisdom; (4) Leave your baggage behind; (5) Own your faults and weaknesses; (6) Embrace problems as gifts; (7) Take life as it comes; (8) Love God with all you are

Zia, Karl


This is a “to do” book with lots of sharing from the authors. We all know the basics to grow: worship, prayer, reading scripture, serving, etc, but this book provides lots of practical details. And it reminds us: it takes effort and commitment to grow in Christ.

In Matt 25, why is the servant who got $1000 from his being called wicked by his master?

Because that is his opinion to his master, whom he thinks gave him the task to make him suffer and fail. This is to compared to his fellow servants who accept the challenge, knowing that it is their master’s good will to train them up for bigger tasks.