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Yau, Jim

Alexander Hill (1997): Just business: Christian ethics for the marketplace

This book explores the foundational Christian concepts of holiness, justice and love.

What’s wrong with the love defined in Situation Ethics?


[1] Love defined in the Bible is tightly coupled with  holiness and justice (e.g. It is not love to compromise if someone asks you to lie to get him/her out of trouble)

[2] The Situation Ethic neglects the sinful nature of human being and the “love” cannot be abused.

Fan, Anita

A.W. Tozer (1993): The pursuit of God

Tozer’s book offers wisdom and insight of how we can get closer to God; it stimulates Christians to explore the essence of God’s nature.

How do we get closer to God?

We can get closer to God by tearing apart our “veil”—our “self” that hides the face of God from us. We also need to develop our “spiritual receptiveness”to God as God is a spiritual being. When we Christians all “gaze Godward”, our “private religion” is purified and our “social religion” is perfected.

Lee, Agnes

Pat Robertson (2004): The ten offenses: reclaim the blessings of the Ten Commandments

It is a privilege to learn God’s basic principles of human conduct found in the Ten Commandments.

Why the principles taught in the Bible are so important?

[1] the Holy Bible is the ultimate guide of our nation and our lives, [2] the Ten Commandments are the most praised legal code of human conduct.

Tong, Johnny

A.W. Tozer (1969): Gems from Tozer

This book deals with the failure to properly understand God, not just by non-Christians but by Christian as well.

Jesus warned, “There shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they should deceive the very elect.” (Mt 24:24) How to save yourself from delusion?

We have to test all the new doctrine, new religious habit, new view of truth, and even new spiritual experience by asking how has it affected my attitude toward and my relation to God, Christ, the Holy Scriptures, self, other Christians, the world and sin.

Or, Patrick

Gary Parker (1994): “Creation – Facts of Life” Master Books

Creation theory is scientifically more valid than evolution theory.

Should we Christians learn and understand evolution theory?

Yes. Because evolution is blindly accepted as scientific and non-disputable, and creation is merely considered as religion.

Chan, Agnes

Clyde Reid (1973): Celebrate the temporary

李德著周增祥譯 (1973): 欣賞人生




Wong, Colin

Billy Graham (1918): Peace with God

Understanding the situation around us: We are a nation of empty, lonely people that can never be filled by any mankind civilization, education, or anything else, except God and His Word.

What is God Like?

[1] God as Spirit (infinite, eternal, no limitation), [2] God is a Person (He thinks, He feels, He loves, He forgives, just like us), [3] God is Holy and Righteous (He is Holy and we are sinful), [4] God is Love (everlasting love to everyone of us)

Yuen, Winnie

P.C. Kwong (1999): A biblical perspective on how to live a happier life

·       Happiness does not come to you by itself; a price has to be paid for it.

·       Happiness is along the way in the journey to your destination; happiness itself is not the destination.

·       Sometimes, you may need to slow down a little to see, to listen and to enjoy what’s around you.

How do we seek happiness in God?

[1] Have a quiet time

[2] Pray

[3] Worship and Praise

[4] Meditation