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Chan, Agnes

Billy Graham (1955, 1985): The Secret of Happiness

Christ gave us a formula for personal happiness that applied to anyone, no matter what his race, geographical situation, age or circumstances Ė the eight Beatitudes.The truths of these 8 Beatitudes (poverty, mourning, meekness, hungry, mercy, purity, peacemaking, persecution) can change our lives and point the way to true and lasting happiness.Happiness is found in a right relationship with God.

What are the steps to happiness?

(1) We must recognize our spiritual poverty; (2) We must make sure we have received Christ and maintain a contrite spirit; (3) We must be sensitive to the need of others; (4) Donít be a half-Christian; we must live surrendered lives; (5) We should be filled with the spirit and seek to produce the fruit of the spirit in our lives; (6) We must become grounded in the Bible and witness for Christ; (7) We must practice the Presence of God and learn the exercise of prayer; (8) We must develop a taste for spiritual things; (9) We must not be critical or envious of others; (10) We should love everybody; (11) We should stand courageously for the right; (12) We should learn to relax in Christ and not be victims of paranoia; (13) We must remember we are immortal and will live forever

Chan, Agnes

張郁嵐 (1950): 到底有沒有神




Lee, Agnes

Clement S.L. Yeung楊世禮 (2004), Work and Worship 為誰辛苦為誰忙──基督徒工作觀的探討

Work and worship are not mutually exclusive.Be a Christian at all times, not just for Sunday only.

How to glorify God through our work?

(1) Treat our work as a calling from God, (2) Understand the meaning of your work. (3) Work diligently with all our heart for any tasks no matter big or small. (4) Treat everybody with respect. (5) Remember that work is a blessing not a curse

Tong, Johnny

S. Maxwell Coder (1996): First Steps to Knowing Godís Will

General principles to know Godís will Ė present our bodies to God, to refrain from worldly conformity, and to be transformed. (Ro 12:1-2)

Practical rules to know Godís will Ė honest willingness to do Godís will, harmony with Godís word, circumstances indicate Godís will, Godís will is made known in answer to prayer, peace in doing Godís will.

What prevent us from knowing Godís will?

Sin and personal choice

Chan, Stephen

Wang Ming Tao (1975) Talks on Particular Christian's Life

A book focus on Christian's Character

What is the real meaning of Christian life

As Christian, our character is far more important than what we do. The author uses the bible and his experience to teach us how to be a fruit bearing Christian.

Lam, Ernest

John C. Maxwell (2004) Today Matters

People create success in their lives by focusing on today.

How does today impact tomorrowís success?

Today is the only time we have, as it is too late for yesterday and we cannot depend on tomorrow. Our success is determined by our daily ďagendaĒ. People tend to complicate their lives with busy ďagendaĒ, but our daily agenda can be as simple as these twelve areas that impact our daily life:Attitude, Priorities, Health, Family, Thinking, Commitments, Finances, Faith, Relationships, Generosity, Values and Growth.We need to decide how we should live our life in these twelve areas; once our decision is made all we need to do is to manage our decision daily.

Lam, Irene

Bill Hybels (1987)

Who you are (When no oneís looking)

Character is who we are when no one is looking. Courage, discipline, vision, endurance and love are 5 character qualities. In order to learn to love unless we also have other character traits. Character cannot be developed through checklists, it requires a lot of hard work, a little pain and years of faithfulness.)

Who is the best example of character and where is the best possible school for character?

Jesus Christ and the fellowship of his own family.

Lam, Irene

James L. Schaller (1995)

Rebuilding your father relationship

Father-child relationship affects many peopleís dating and marriage relationships, sexuality, and work performance.

Is it possible to change unhealthy expression of sexuality?

If you believe your expression of sexual nature is unhealthy, it need not remain that way. Healthy change will occur when you understand why you are the way you are. This is true not only for sexuality but also your marriage and career.

Zia, Karl




(1) 身量﹕情緒、心理上的健康和成熟(2) 智慧﹕熟悉神的話語﹐明白真理﹐懂得判斷是非(3) 和神有親密的關係﹐能夠盡心盡性盡力愛祂﹐委身事奉祂(4) 和人有親密的關係﹐能夠愛人如己﹐委身服侍人

Zia, Karl

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Kwan, Louie

Ignatius Loyola: The Spiritual Exercises; Matrin Luther King Jr.: Walk with Freedom; Evelyn Underhill: Workship



How do I look for God's guidance in my life?

What responses should I have to times of distress/desolation?

When in spiritual distress, a man should reflect that God is testing and he can succeed with the help of God. We should remind firm and unyielding in our resolutions.