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Lee, Agnes

Andrew P.C. Kwong (1999): A Biblical perspective on how to live a happier life

The Bible contains the answers and examples on how to lead a happy life.

Why arenít all Christians happy about themselves?

(1) We need to learn to fully reply on Godís word and pray to God. (2) We should be optimistic and think positively all the time. (3) We should resist temptations and reduce the desire for consumer goods.

Chan, Stephen

Philip Yancy (1997): Whatís So amazing about grace

It is imperative for all Christians to show more of Godís Amazing Grace.

Why there isa shortage of grace within the church?

It is because we never experience Godís grace ourself.

Zia, Karl


Church management and spirituality are not in conflict. In fact, it is necessary for Spirit-filled leaders to put their faith into action out of their reverence and submission to God.

What is involved in managing and organizing church activities under the lead of the Holy Spirit?

(1) It is to gather, organize, train and support Spirit-filled people to accomplish Godís tasks for His heavenly kingdom. (2) It is about understanding Godís will and humbly submit to it.

Lam, Irene

Dr. James Dobson (1993): When God doesnít make sense

Have faith in God when you encounter any problems even with unanswered questions. Donít fall into Satanís ďbetrayal barrierĒ that make you feel victimized by God. We know that in ďall things God works for the good of those who love him. ď(Ro 8:28)

Does God really not make sense?

(1) God is present & involved in our lives even when He seems deaf or on an extended leave of absence. (2) Godís timing is perfect, even when He appears late. (3) For reasons that are impossible to explain, we human beings are incredibly precious to God. (4) Donít try to argue with God for our arms are too short to box with Him.

Tong, Johnny

Timothy Smith (2003): The seven cries of todayís teens

Teens need mentors. Just like when they learn to drive a car, they need some guidance to help them learn to drive through life, especially the few years while they are on the teenage turnpike. Seven cries: cry for Trust, Love, Security, Purpose, To be heard, To be valued, Support.

A 17-years old kid said, ďThere is a lot of anger in my generation. You can hear it in the music. Kids are angry for a lot of reasons, but mostly because parents arenít around.Ē Do you agree?

Teens are lonely. They have many friends but no connection. They need direction from parents. Ephesians 6:4 Fathers bring children up in the training and instruction of the Lord. The ultimate goal of Christian parenting is to have kids who have personal relationships with God and who believe Godís Word is relevant for every aspect of their lives.

Tong, Ivy

Philip Yancey (1988): Disappointment with God.

The author tries to find answers from the Bible for those people are disappointed with God.

What are the most common 3 questions people will ask when they are disappointed with God?

Is God Unfair? Is God Silent? Is God Hidden?

Lam, Ernest

Philip Yancey (1995): The Jesus I never knew

ďBe perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect,Ē Jesus said, his statement tucked almost casually between commands to love enemies and give way money.

Be perfect like God? Whatever did Jesus mean?

There are two aspects in the Sermon on the Mount, the aspect of absolute ideal and the aspect of absolute grace.

The aspect of absolute ideal forces us to recognize the great distance between God and us, and any attempt to reduce that distance by somehow moderating its demands misses the point altogether. It also gives us a goal towards Godís Ideal which we should not stop reaching, but none of us will ever reach that Ideal. Having fallen from the absolute Ideal of God, we have nowhere to land but in the safety net of absolute grace.

Chan, Agnes

Calvin Miller (2002): Jesus loves me

God is Love and we are loved. Jesus reveals himself and his love to us in the Bible.

What are the foundational and abiding truths contained in the childrenís hymn ďJesus Loves MeĒ?

(1) ďJesus loves meĒ forms the syllables of strength. (2) Jesus is our personal Savior for he is able to love us one at a time. (3) Letting go of the busyness of my life does not cause Jesus to love me more, but it does free me up to discover and enjoy his love. (4) Letting go of power: Whether we serve Christ or ourselves makes a vast difference in how we end up in life. (5) Love blesses those who give and those who receive it. (6) In his presence, we are unafraid; Christís love offers up peace in the midst of turmoil. (7) Faith in Godís future is the parent of self-confidence. (8) I read and God Speaks. Bible is the simplest of documents, always accessible to the common person. (9) Jesus loves children. (10) Self-sufficiency isolates our need from Godís supply. (11) Heaven is the grand liberation.

Lee, Philip





Kwan, Louie

Bible: 1 and2 Peter

A Living Hope. Peter reminds Christians of the imminent coming of Christ and encourages us to remain steadfast in different situations.

What do we need to make us active and effective in our knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Peter understood that our faith cannot be static. We do not merely have an epiphany then set back and wait for the Second Coming. Instead, we must work to perfect ourselves, and Peter here sets out a road map to help us do this very thing.