BIBLE: The Limits of Conscience and the Authority of the Word of God (Mohler, 060308)


THEME: A minister of the Presbyterian Church USA was found not guilty for officiating same sex marriages. This will lead to disaster for the denomination.



What was the offense?


What was the result of the hearings?


What are the serious consequences?


On another similar case:




SOCIETY: Two Rival Religions? (Mohler, 060526)


THEME: Secular liberalism is clearly a rival religion against evangelical Christianity and will threaten today’s churches.



Who was the first one to pronounce that Liberalism is a religion?


In what ways is Liberalism like a religion?


Are there different kinds of Liberalism?




CHRISTIAN LIVING: Deliberate Childlessness: Moral Rebellion With a New Face (Mohler, 031013)

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Deliberate Childlessness Revisited (Mohler, 050815)


THEME: For married Christians who decide deliberately not to have children is a revolt against God’s design. This of course does not include married couples who for various other reasons (such as illness) are unable to have children.



Why do some married Christians reject parenthood?


What is the Biblical perspective on children?


Does it then mean that Christians must not use contraceptions?


What is the danger of contraceptives?