Themes & Questions for Readings: 060910

THEOLOGY: The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory: The Recovery of Authentic Worship, Part 1 (Mohler, 060206)


THEME: The mode of worship is an important and controversial issue. The source of deciding what a worship should be the Bible.



Why is worship described as “one of the most controversial issues” in church today?


What is today’s trend in worship?


Does God care how He is worshipped? How do we know?




THEOLOGY: The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory: The Recovery of Authentic Worship, Part 2—Authentic Worship Begins with a True Vision of the Living God (Mohler, 060208)


THEME: The centre of worship is God, not men. Once a worship is shaped to accommodate men, true worship is compromised.



Where can we find in the Bible a description of an authentic worship? What can we learn from it?


What are the objective and the subjective elements of worship?


Hunter suggests that worship should be “a celebration to which pre-Christians can relate” and that things that are described as “cringe factor” should be removed. Is he correct?





ETHICS: Death Marks an Anniversary—Have We Learned Anything? (Mohler, 060331)


THEME: One year after Terri Schiavo’s death by starvation, people are still confused about what we learned from the events.



How do American react to the questions raised by Schiavo’s death?


What is the problem with dividing human beings into “mere biological human life” and “person”?


What is the underlying point of argument behind abortion, euthanasia, and embryo research?


What are the problems with euthanasia?






APOLOGETICS: Christianity and the Dark Side: What About Halloween? (Mohler, 031031)


THEME: Halloween has a pagan origin but more importantly it represents cultural fascination with the occult. Christians must react cautiously based on a biblically-informed conscience.




What are the Christian objections against Halloween?


What can Christians do about Halloween?