Themes & Questions for Readings: 060514


APOLOGETICS: Evolutionists to the Barricades: Is the Theory in Trouble?


THEME: How the theory of evolution is in danger of collapse and how evolutionists defend it.




What is the alternative theory to evolution?


Why are the evolutionists so desperate in defending the theory of evolution?


What are the strategies used by evolutionists in defending evolution?


How would the results of this battle affect the society?


ETHICS: Recovering a Worldview of Moral Clarity


THEME: Why Christians must have a Biblical worldview in moral areas and what the strategies are to develop it.




The majority of people in North America (and in Europe) claim they are Christians. What is the state of their faith?


What is the result when God is no longer relevant in the society?


What must committed Christians do to recover a worldview of moral clarity?


THEOLOGY: A Call for Theological Triage and Christian Maturity


THEME: We have to put priorities on defending our faith.




How can the analogy of a hospital emergency room be applied in the area of defending our faith?


What are the three levels of theological issues?


How do the first two orders of theological issues divide people into groups?


What mistakes are made by liberalism on one hand and fundamentalism on another?


KH’s summary of first-order doctrines:


[1]        God the Father: infinite and holy; a triune God (trinity); a personal God; creator (active in the past) and provider (active in the present) of the universe

[2]        God the Son, Jesus Christ: full deity and full humanity; born of a virgin; death on the cross in behalf of all men for their sin; bodily resurrection; physical second coming

[3]        God the Holy Spirit: effecting the rebirth of believers; inspired the writing of the Bible; the Bible is infallible, and is the sole standard of Christian faith and practice

[4]        Salvation: everyone is a sinner; salvation by God’s grace and through personal faith alone (repentance and acceptance of Jesus as Saviour and Lord)



CHRISTIAN LIVING: Leadership Lessons from President Ronald W. Reagan


THEME: Reasons why Reagan was one of the great American presidents and a true leader.




Please classify the 10 lessons into the following 3 groups.


·         a leader’s internal qualities: with powerful ideas, with deep conviction, with a vision, with character (strong moral sense, total integrity, sacrificial leadership, and clarity of purpose)


·         a leader’s outward appearance: persistently high level of energy, with charisma of confidence, using the role of symbolism


·         a leader’s relationship with other people: with good communication skill, gathering a team of gifted and capable people, seeking allies for support