Great Christian Books for Download

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Augustine: Confessions

Brother Lawrence: The Practice of the Presence of God

John Bunyan: The Pilgrimˇ¦s Progress

John Bunyan: The Pilgrimˇ¦s Progess in Words of One Syllable

Thomas a Kempis: Imitation of Christ  

Søren Kierkegaard: Provocations: Spiritual Writings

Watchman Nee: The Normal Christian Life

Blaise Pascal: Pensées

Erich Sauer: The Dawn of World Redemption (OT) [Sample chapter]

Erich Sauer: The Triumph of the Crucified (NT) [Sample chapter]

Josiah Tidwell: Bible Book by Book

Josiah Tidwell: Bible Period by Period

Mary Tileston, ed.: Joy and Strength

A.W. Tozer: The Pursuit of God