[arranged chronologically]









[centre] University graduation with Professor Hillila, June 1971

[right] Directing the graduation choir in dress rehearsal, June 1971


[left & centre] Teacher in Ying Wah Girls’ College, 1971

[right] Dating at Victoria Peak, September 1972


[left] Wedding, April 22, 1973

[centre] Outside chapel of Chung Chi College, May 1, 1974

[right] Brussels, Belgium, May 1974


[left] West Point Barracks, New York, May 1974

[centre] Mid-winter in Saskatchewan, December 1975

[right] Choir director, April 1976


[left] Wascana Park, Regina, 1975

[right] With mother and brother on Long Island, New York, July 1977

[left] With mother and relatives on Long Island, New York, July 1977

[right] Kwing receiving Ph.D. in Waterloo, October 1986


[left] In Ottawa, January 1987

[centre] With children, 1991

[right] At the Ottawa airport, April 1992


[left] At Montreal entertainment park, August 1992, being angry with the crying Stephen

[right] At the peak of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, June 1993


[left] At home with children, December 3, 1994

[right] At Disney World, Florida, January 8, 1995


[left] At home, August 1999

[centre] In Beijing, January 2001

[right] With award-winning students, April 2002


[left] At Melody’s graduation, Cornell University, May 2003

[right] With sister Eleana Chow in Ottawa, January 9, 2004


[centre] Director of Ottawa Christian Chorale, December 2003


[left] In London, September 2004

[right] At Mont Tremblant, March 2005


 [centre] Wedding Day of Melody, August 19, 2006


[left] In Rome, November 2006

[centre & right] At the peak of Gibraltar, December 2006


[left] At Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China, July 2007

[right] On the shore of West Lake, Hangzhou, China, July 2007


[left & right] At Huangshan, China, July 2007


[left] Short-term mission in Lima, Peru, November 2007

 [right] Celebration of the birth of Ruth Joy Wong, April 2008


[left & centre] In Paris, April 2008

[right] In Venice, May 2008


[left & right] During chemotherapy, July & August 2008


[left] With granddaughter Ruth Wong, December 2008

[right] After stem cell transplant, February 2009


[left] At Emmanuel Alliance Church of Ottawa, May 2009

[right] Near the Parliament Hill, Ottawa, May 18, 2009


[left] Dinner in restaurant, June 2009

[right] After brain surgery, August 2009


[left] On ferry, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, August 31, 2009

[right] Attending wedding banquet, September 12, 2009


[left] In hospital for radiation therapy, October 4, 2009

[right] After attending wedding, October 10, 2009