May 2020


Dear all,


Because of the virus outbreak, I have been staying in my house for the last 9 weeks, going out to shop only once every two weeks. I believe that God plans to use this outbreak to make large scale changes in the world and my prayer is: May Godís will be done on earth.


I have been very busy after my retirement from the Canadian federal government in 2011. My wife Evangeline passed away ten years ago and I look forward to meet her again in heaven.


God has given me many opportunities to serve Him. For the last four years, I preached an average of 30 times each year. In 2018, I taught Christian ethics for the fourth time in the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in Toronto but I have decided not to continue because it has become a burden with long travelling. I am now a volunteer pastor in the local Agape Chinese Alliance Church in Ottawa, continuing to preach and teach.


My book Outline of Christian Ethics (基督教倫理學簡介) has been published in both Chinese and English. You can download a copy here:繁體版)(简体版(English). My plan is to write a book in apologetics but the progress has been slow.


My daughter Melody teaches violin and piano and is a full time mother. She and Raymond have 5 children, aged 6 to 12.


My son Stephen is a Youth Pastor in Kingston. In September 2018, he married Hannah Zhang, a Christian sister in his church. They now have a daughter Leah, my 6th grandchild.


You can find my Sunday School notes on many subjects in Christianity from my website:


Please contact me to renew our friendship if we have lost contact.