December 2012


Dear all,


After working 32 years in the federal government of Canada, I formally retired in March 2011. I am serving our loving Father in heaven and my retirement has been a busy one.


My wife Evangeline passed away three years ago. I still dream about her, many times travelling together with our children in strange and surreal places. I look forward to meet her again in heaven.


God has arranged for me to teach more. This year, I preached in Sunday services a total of 15 times. In June, I travelled to China for 2 weeks teaching 3 courses in Beijing and Shenyang (Northeast China). The hours were long. One day, I had to teach from 8 am to 9.30 pm (teaching 9.5 hours). In November, I was teaching two courses in the Alliance Bible Seminary Centre in Toronto. I continue to write news analyses for Herald Monthly (Chinese Christian monthly newspaper) for my 23rd year. I also direct two choirs and sing in one.


My book Outline of Christian Ethics was published in 2010. This year, an updated version is published in simplified Chinese by CCIC. It will be distributed in China, again free-of-charge. Both the Chinese and the English versions (MS-Word files) are available on my website:

I plan to write two more books (one with my brother-in-law Dr. To Fei Chow) but progress has been slow.


My daughter Melody teaches violin and piano students but is a full time mother. She and Raymond had their third child Daniel in April. Raymond Wong continues to work as a hardware engineer at Ericsson. The photos of my grandchildren can be seen here:


My son Stephen is studying for a Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies) in Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He still has no steady girl-friend but is no longer annoyed when he is asked about it. He is also thankful for his friendship with Chris Conboy, his fellow-student at Tyndale.


I hope to receive news from all of you. Please send me an email to


You can find out more information from my website:


I wish you a blessed 2013 full of grace and peace!