March 2018


Dear all,


I have been very busy after my retirement in 2011—full time serving our heavenly Father. My wife Evangeline passed away eight years ago and I look forward to meet her again in heaven.


God has arranged many opportunities for me to serve Him. In both 2016 and 2017, I preached 31 times each year in Sunday services. In November 2016, I travelled for 3 weeks to Shandong, China to teach in many churches. I will be teaching Christian ethics again in the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in May to June this year. I am also a volunteer pastor in the local Agape Chinese Alliance Church in Ottawa.


My book Outline of Christian Ethics (基督教倫理學簡介) has been published in both Chinese and English. My plan is to write two more books in apologetics and systematic theology but the progress has been slow.


My daughter Melody teaches violin and piano and is a full time mother. She and Raymond have 5 children, aged 4 to 9.


My son Stephen is serving as a Youth Pastor in Kingston. He has recently started dating a very nice girl in his church.


You can find more information on the Bible from my website:


Please contact me to renew our friendship if we have lost contact.