November 2018


Dear all,


I have been very busy after my retirement from the Canadian federal government in 2011Śnow full time serving our heavenly Father. My wife Evangeline passed away nine years ago and I look forward to meet her again in heaven.


God has arranged many opportunities for me to serve Him. In both 2016 and 2017, I preached 31 times each year in Sunday services. In May to June 2018, I taught Christian ethics for the 4th time in the Canadian Chinese School of Theology in Toronto. I am also a volunteer pastor in the local Agape Chinese Alliance Church in Ottawa.


My book Outline of Christian Ethics (基督教倫理學簡介) has been published in both Chinese and English. You can download a copy here:繁體版)(简体版(English). My plan is to write two more books in apologetics and systematic theology but the progress has been slow.


My daughter Melody teaches violin and piano and is a full time mother. She and Raymond have 5 children, aged 5 to 10.


My son Stephen is a Youth Pastor in Kingston. He married in Kingston on September 3 this year to Hannah Haitong Zhang 張海童, a Christian sister in his church. The church was filled to capacity at his wedding.


You can find my notes on Christianity from my website:


Please contact me to renew our friendship if we have lost contact.